Library Minyan General Membership Meeting

July 28, 2002

1. Honoring Members: The Minyan restated its policy of honoring its members who are honored by the Synagogue or other Jewish organizations by making appropriate contributions to tribute books and the like when its member are so honored.

2. Megillot: Up to $1,000 will be spent to purchase additional Megilla books so as, to the extent possible, increase the total available volumes to 250. Joan Rimmon, Barbara Breger and Norm Green volunteered to serve on a committee to handle this project.

3. Minyan Lunch: It was proposed that the Minyan set a goal of co-sponsoring a Kiddush luncheon up to six times this year, by contributing $250 towards the cost thereof. This contribution is intended to be matched (or exceeded) by members desiring to co-sponsor the luncheon. The hope is that periodic lunches after services will assist in enhancing the quality of our community. It is not intended to subsidize Aufrufs, B’nai Mitzvah or other major simchas.

The Minyan reiterated its long-standing policy that sponsors of a Bar Mitzvah or Aufruf should sponsor a Kiddish. Jon Friedman, Rachel Rubin and Joan Rimmon volunteered to serve on a committee that will look into pricing, feasibility, etc. of the proposal.

4. Minyan Master: Norm Levin was elected Chair of the Minyan Steering Committee by acclamation.

5. Drashot: The Minyan determined to continue scheduling Drashot or Divrei Torah on all Sabbaths and Festivals. Darshanim are and will be encouraged to keep their remarks brief on days when the service is particularly long, such as when a megilla is read, Hallel is sung, etc. Shlichei Tzibur also should speed up at least some parts of the service on such occasions.

6. Dress Code: It was noted that the position of the Synagogue is that women participating on the Bima (whether by leading part of the service, laining, having an Aliyah, etc.) should be encouraged to wear a tallis and head covering. In order to clarify any questions concerning this position, a series of drashot will be encouraged to present the various positions on the subject. Robert Braun volunteered to ask Rabbi Rembaum to give drasha on the subject.

7. Noise During Services: Unnecessary noise and discussion during services are an unwelcome distraction for many, and congregants should try to be more considerate of others, where possible taking such conversations or sources of continuing noise out of the chapel. The Gabbaim will be encouraged to remind the Minyan of the need for decorum.

8. Hospitality Committee: The Minyan will re-establish an home hospitality committee or program as soon as a chair can be found to coordinate.

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