Kiddush Frequently Asked Questions

If there is no special occasion, Temple Beth Am provides a “basic” kiddush (generally consisting of challah, cholent, fruit, cake, and drinks) as part of our membership benefits. About once per month we invite LM members to cosponsor a more sumptuous kiddush, in honor of birthdays, anniversaries, graduations, yahrzeits, etc. A few times a year a single family will sponsor a full kiddush for a bar or bat mitzvah, aufruf, or other occasion.

Our LM website ( includes a calendar showing all upcoming events, plus a link to a list of Special Events on its home page. We also announce them in the Minyan Monthly sent to all members who registered for email on our home page.

If you have an event you would like to note by cosponsoring kiddush, contact, preferably several weeks in advance.  We try to consolidate sponsorships into about one day per month, so we can pool modest sized donations to have a nice kiddush. If you need a specific date and the cosponsored kiddush is already committed to a different date, there is a procedure for individuals to be noted in the Bulletin.  Talk to the Kiddush Committee chair (currently Carl Sunshine) for more details.  Also contact the Kiddush Committee if you have a major event for which you wish to sponsor the entire kiddush.


You can contribute towards a specific date, in which case you should email to to indicate the specific event you would like mentioned in the Bulletin for that date.  All specific contributions are used for the designated date, and we adjust the menu to fit the amount of cosponsor donations received, with some additional amount added from general donations.

You can make a non-specific contribution if you do not have a particular event to note, and these funds are used to supplement the kiddushim which may need some extra help, such as for Torah Club or lectures. These donations are acknowledged in the TBA Kol Haam newsletter.

All contributions are gratefully accepted, and your specific event will be noted in the Bulletin (if desired), no matter what amount is donated. A typical cosponsored kiddush costs $400-700 above the “basics” provided by TBA. Many people donate in the $50-200 range, with some less and some more.

Checks written to “The Library Minyan of TBA” can be sent to: Dale Bodenstein, 1121 South Spaulding Ave., Los Angeles, CA 90019. For your convenience, you can pick up a “ready-made” envelope from  the table outside the chapel on Shabbat.

If you want to make a donation online with a credit card, go to , choose DONATE at the top center, and then fill in your name.  Click the box “I would like to designate my donation to a specific fund or department” below the Amount field, and then check “Library Minyan Fund”. Fill in your email address at the bottom and click Submit, and you will be prompted for credit card info.

In either case, please email to, letting us know what date your donation is for (or if it is a general donation).  All donations are tax deductible.

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