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Library Minyan Kiddush Options

Someone wishing to celebrate an event by sponsoring a kiddush in any of the ways described below should contact the Kiddush Committee Chair (currently Jerry Krautman) at to schedule it.

There are two ways to sponsor a kiddush beyond the “basic” kiddush which is provided each week: cater one from scratch or enhance the “basic” kiddush, either alone or together with others.  If neither of these methods meet your needs, it may be possible to make special arrangements.

The most sumptuous (and expensive) method is for an individual – or group of individuals – celebrating a simcha to hire an outside caterer. A list of TBA-approved caterers is available from Ronna Sundy,, (310) 652-7354 ext. 217. The cost of this begins at $2,000 for buffet style, and can be considerably higher, depending on the menu, serving arrangements, and number of people expected. Although potentially quite expensive, this method provides almost unlimited menu options.

Alternatively, one can use the TBA in-house catering staff. They can provide items from a limited but satisfying dairy menu options. The cost for this method begins at $1,200 and can be higher if more items are included or more people are expected. For information about the TBA in-house catering, contact or Ronna Sundy,, (310) 652-7354 ext. 217.

Enhancing the Basic Kiddush
Instead of catering the entire kiddush from scratch, you can simply add additional items to the basic kiddush.  This is a less expensive option for smaller simchas (birthdays, anniversaries, etc.)  The price varies depending on how much and what items you wish to add.  Options include bagels and cream cheese, tuna salad, egg salad, humus and pita, bourekas, salads, herring, blintzes, desserts. There is some flexibility with the menu, depending on the number of sponsors and their preferences.

If multiple people contribute to a specific kiddush, the cost can be split.  The minimum donation for each sponsor is $18; more typical donations by each sponsor range from $50-300.  For more information, or to request a specific date, please contact

For more information, or to request a specific date for individual sponsorship, contact

Kiddush honors:

All LM kiddush sponsors, of any kiddush option enumerated above, with a contribution of any amount, will be listed in the TBA Shabbat bulletin. All LM kiddush sponsors will be publically thanked from the bimah. All LM kiddush sponsors may — but are not required to — lead Kiddush from the bimah at the end of services.


Payments for catered kiddushim should be arranged with Ronna Sundy.  Donations for a co-sponsored or individual kiddush can be made here.  Please indicate the date of the kiddush in the notes page.  If you prefer, you can send a check written to “The Library Minyan of TBA” to our Treasurer: Dale Bodenstein, 1056 S Crescent Heights, Los Angeles, CA 90035.

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