Divrei 5777


Balak בלק By Zwi Reznik, July 8, 2017 Several weeks ago I was invited to present a דרש  on בלק. I have learned not to question such an invitation and agreed.

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Emor By Susan Laemmle, May 13, 2017 God, Torah & Israel: the Responsive Shma within the Torah Service There is a moment in the Torah Service whose power is undeniable:

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Vayetze: Rachel and Reconciliation By Rachel Marder, 12/10/16 I have a confession to make: I am a feminist. Okay, that part is not the confession. My confession is that I

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Chaye Sarah

Chaye Sarah  ח” שרה By Zwi Reznik, November 26, 2016 A month ago I received an e-mail inviting me to present a דרש for the first time. Today’s Parsha was

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Lech Lakha

Lech Lakha By Tamar Levin, November 12, 2016 Avram is 75 years old and has lived a large part of his life when he is told “Lech Lakha” – leave

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