Divrei 5775


Parashat Balak By Bob Braun, 5775 As a child of the 60’s, television had a great impact on my life. I’m not sure that my children, who grew up with

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Shavuot 2015/5775 By Rabbi Susan Laemmle A Loving Relationship Dodi li va-ani lo, ha-roeh ba-shoshanim: “My beloved is mine and I am my beloved’s, who browses among the lilies.”  Many

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Parshat Vayechi

Parshat Vayechi By Abraham Havivi, January 3, 2015 Read Gen. 48:1-11 (Dying Jacob receives Joseph, along with grandchildren Menashe and Ephraim, and blesses them) What’s the obvious question about Jacob’s

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The Avinu Family

The Avinu Family: A Tragedy in Ten Episodes By Norm Green, November 15, 2014 In the first two episodes we have seen wars and upheavals, destructions of whole cities, a woman

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Lech Lecha

Lech Lecha By Anthony Elman, November 1, 2014 Shabbat shalom everybody! Some of you may not know me, though I’ve been a member for more than 9 years. But almost

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Parashat Noach

Parashat Noach: The Ends Do not Always Justify the Means By Rabbi Daniel Chorny Shabbat Shalom. Tell me if you’ve heard this one: A boy is visiting a local farm

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Rosh Hashanah 5775

Rosh Hashanah 5775 By Miriam Elkins Nearly every morning someone gently presses my front bell. I recognize the sound immediately – two short rings – I have come to expect

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Rosh Hashana 5775

Rosh Hashana 5775 By Joel Grossman Wednesday night, yesterday at lunch and again last night, each of us dipped a slice of apple of a piece of challah into some

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