Bereishit 5782

Bereishit 5782/2021   Last month, I visited my internist for a routine appointment. He is young, very bright, and attentive. When my then-doctor retired a year ago, I hired him

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Succot 2023: Living With Joy

Succot 2023: Living With Joy By Rabbi Susan Laemmle I still remember, years ago, suddenly noticing the odd Hebrew construction that gets turned into a song: V’samachta b’chagecha, v’hayitah ach

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Haazinu By Talia Rotter This week’s parsha, Ha’azinu, starts off by recounting the good things that G-d has done for B’nai Yisrael. G-d chose us as his people, cared for

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Parshat Shofetim By Russell Cohen, August 19, 2023 Shabbat shalom! I want to thank Rabbi Susan Laemmle and Rachel Berwald for their invaluable help in preparation for this drash. Here

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Parshat Re’eh

Parshat Re’eh By Moe Scott, August 11, 2023 There is a lot to talk about in this parsha. We have the centralization of worship in the site of the future

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Journey Into The Shema

Journey Into The Shema By Bert Kleinman, July 29, 2023 It was a warm summer night in New York. The 12 year old Jewish kid was on his knees at

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Shavuot Second Day 

Shavuot Second Day  By Batya Ordin, May 27, 2023 Shabbat Shalom and Chag Sameach. I’d like to speak about yesterday’s Haftorah, Ezekiel’s vision of the divine Glory, which has intrigued

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Behar-B’chukotai By Henry Morgen, May 13 Shabbat shalom. Fifty-five solar years, and a few days ago, I became a bar mitzvah. That year, my torah portion was Acharei Mot-Kiddoshim. Based

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