The Library Minyan is a participatory, lay-led, davening and learning community that blends traditional observance with a fully modern and egalitarian approach to Jewish living. We’re now into our fourth decade. We hope you’ll find this web site a useful source for information about our activities.

The Library Minyan meets every Shabbat and holiday morning at Temple Beth Am in the Dorff-Nelson Chapel. Pictured below are stained glass windows found either side of the Aron Kodesh.

Shabbat Morning Services
9:20 Mishnah Study (not on holidays)
9:45 Opening prayers (9:30 on holidays)
10:15 Shacharit
10:45 Torah Service
11:30 Drash and Musaf
12:15 Kiddush

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Upcoming Events
May 20 Torah Club

Calendar Information: The Calendar shows who will be gabbai for each service, contact information for gabbaim and other coordinators, assigned/open dates for reading Haftarah or giving a drash, and dates for special events. 

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Ohel Patuach/Open Tent opens the tent of home hospitality for newcomers and others. If you’d like to share a Shabbat or holiday meal in your home or the home of another Library Minyan member, contact Essia Cartoon-Fredman, Ohel Patuach coordinator, to arrange a shidduch. Essia can be reached at: ohelpatuach@libraryminyan.org or efredman@pressmanacademy.org.

Chesed Committee supports Library Minyan members during the birth/adoption of a child, illness or death in the family. Contact Batya Ordin: ordinbatya@gmail.com  if you or another member of our community needs assistance with meals.

As an integral part of Temple Beth Am, we are proud of its wonderful heritage and leading role in the Los Angeles Jewish Community. For information on the broad range of religious, educational, and social activities at TBA:  

We’re still a work in progress. If you have any suggestions for ways to improve our new web site please send them to the webmaster.

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