I see from the Charter that someone has the title Rosh; why that name and role?

The title is a Hebrew term that communicates the person’s being in a central role without suggesting that she or he wields undue authority or operates in a vacuum. The Rosh serves as a facilitator and representative of the Minyan, and is someone who has served on the Steering Committee and has experience with the give-and-take of Minyan activity and decision making.

As specified in the Charter, the Rosh fulfills several important functions: providing liaison with TBA, convening and running meetings of the Steering Committee, and serving as point-person for members and visitors who raise questions about Minyan policy or practice. Beyond this, the Rosh has to be attentive to how committees and coordinators are functioning and feeling, bringing to the Steering Committee problems that seem to be cropping up and also informally smoothing areas of friction. Naturally, each Rosh will make the job his or her own, with particular emphases and initiatives.