If you want to participate in Services, here are the people you might want to contact:

Mishna Study

Coordinator: Zwi Reznik,
Zwi organizes the Mishna Study the precedes almost every Shabbat morning service.

D’var Torah

Coordinators: Susan Laemmle  & Mickey Rosen,, know that everyone has at least one d’var Torah in them. We take pride in the range of people who offer Torah wisdom.

Haftarah chanting

Coordinator: Russell Cohen, encourages people to return to their Bat/Bar Mitzvah Haftarah or take on a new one.

Torah Reading

Coordinator: Stan Goldstein, Stan welcomes new and returning leyners for short and longer aliyot. The Library Minyan follows the Triennial Cycle.

Gabbaim & Coordinators Committee.

Current gabbaim are:  Rachel Berwald, Howard Fredman, Norm Garr, Russell Cohen, Michael Shimansky and AJ Happel. Contact them at Gabbaim recruit and guide those playing active roles in services,  and arrange for aliyot and other honors. Individual gabbaim here.

Greeting Coordinator

Sandra Braun, Greeters stand near the Chapel door through Shacharit and welcome people arriving. Being greeter is a great way connect with other members.

Other important people:


Webmaster: BobRoosthBob Roosth,, sends out the Minyan Monthly and other electronic messages. On the website you can sign up for the Minyan Monthly.


Treasurer: Dale Bodenstein,, receives all donations and pays bills.. To contribute to the Minyan, mail a check made out to “Library Minyan of TBA” to Dale at 1056 South Crescent Heights Blvd, LA, CA 90035, or donate online at

of Temple Beth Am