Who can join the Minyan, and what does the phrase “Come, Serve, and Belong” mean?

Any Jew can participate in our services, and non-Jews are welcome to attend. We welcome new arrivals, shul shoppers, and shul hoppers (who may occasionally attend services at multiple places).

“Come, Serve, and Belong” is shorthand for the criteria for being part of the Library Minyan.

Come: because our services depend on participation of members, your attendance adds to our vitality;

Serve: because the Minyan is lay-led for services as well as in its governance and creation of community, it is vital that people serve in the roles that enable services and communal life to thrive; and

Belong: because the Minyan is a constituent unit of Temple Beth Am, it’s important that we pay to be members, so we can maintain the facilities, kiddush, shiva minyanim, clergy support, and other functions that help enrich our community.

We expect members to grow into each of these areas over time. There is no specific level of attendance or volunteering that is required, but the more people put in, the more they get out. Paid membership is required to receive High Holiday tickets. TBA offers a variety of plans.