What if I want to celebrate a family simcha at the Library Minyan?

We are happy to celebrate life cycle events with our members. If you are having an upcoming birthday, anniversary, yahrzeit, or other event and would like to cosponsor kiddush, please contact the kiddush coordinator, who will help you with all aspects. Members are also welcome to lead a part of the service or read Torah or Haftarah on the anniversary of a bar or bat mitzvah. For larger life cycle events including bar/bat mitzvah, aufruf, or baby naming, we work with families to enable participation in the services by family and friends (read our online simcha guidelines or talk with our simcha coordinator). These events are most rewarding if the family has been participating with Library Minyan for some time and is familiar with our practices. A Bar/bat mitzvah needs to be planned well in advance with TBA staff.  Contact the Rosh or simcha coordinator for more information.